Symaria has been a barista for about a year and a half. She is a junior in high school with hopes of going to college to study psychology. She is new to the Golden Owl, but is already loving the experience and hopes to keep learning and growing with the job. When she’s not making coffee, Symaria enjoys reading poetry, playing volleyball, and being with friends and family. 


Barista and Social Media

Bella has been a barista for over 4 years, starting at a small coffeeshop at UW-Madison while she was earning a degree in creative writing. Not only does she serve a creative spin on coffee drinks and flavors, but her imaginative talent can also be found on the cafe’s social media pages through pictures and captions. Bella is our morning opener, so you can catch this early bird brewing up “owl” your caffeinated needs before the sun is even up!



Amanda is your guide to all the delights the Golden Owl has to
offer! With over a decade in the industry, you can find her
pouring up a house bloody, chatting with tables in the dining
area, or ensuring perfection is delivered to your table. She may
even be found laughing at her own bad jokes and spreading
ounces of fun. She has a passion for service while staying true
to herself. A real hoot on the team and a welcoming personality
to start your day on the right foot.



Kayla is a recent graduate of UW-Whitewater. She has been working in the customer service and restaurant industry for 8 years now. She loves a good iced chai and appreciates a well brewed cold brew, but her favorite drink from Golden Owl by far is the banana chai frappe. With her love for coffee, Kayla is sure to bring your coffee experience to new heights.



Laysha grew up in West bend and has lived here ever since. She is the oldest sibling in her family and is a first generation Mexican American. Laysha enjoys working with the public and loves talking and meeting new people. She is currently a student at UWM for business marketing. Laysha chose to work at Golden Owl because she enjoys food service and knows she can learn a lot from a small business. Her favorite drink to make is a white chocolate mocha with marshmallow syrup and cold foam on top.



Kaylie has only been in the food industry for a short time but is already loving it at the Golden Owl! As a barista, she gets to put all her skills to the test, making new drinks and making fun conversation with guests. She is so happy to be a part of the Golden Owl team and can’t wait to see what her future in coffee brings.